Friday, August 17, 2012

Adoption Update!

A lot has happened since we last updated!! Sorry it has taken us so long to get the news to you. We announced back in February that we were adopting from Uganda. Being a 423 family (see previous posts), God has led us in a different direction, and we are following!!

The Story

A few months ago, I (Ashley) received a text from a close friend asking for prayer. She had a teenager tell her that she was pregnant. This teen already had a ten month old child and didn’t know what to do. A few days later, I happened to be going through the drive thru of a restaurant and saw my friend inside meeting with the expectant teen. I began praying for their meeting. As I was praying that the teen would consider adoption, my heart fluttered and I thought, “We would take this baby!” I was surprised by the thought and began asking God if that was crazy Ashley brain or from Him. I brought it up to Micah and he immediately seemed excited and couldn’t stop asking questions.  
Within a week and a half, Micah’s sister, not knowing about the other situation, told us about another pregnant teen that she found out about. A co worker of the teen had contacted her to see if she knew of anyone who is looking to adopt. We were shocked that these two situations were brought to our attention so close together. We knew God was telling us something and began praying to find out what to do next. Neither of those moms ended up being a birth mom for our family, but....

The News

God has lead us to do a Domestic Adoption at this time instead of an International Adoption! We still feel like an International Adoption may be in our future, but for now we are just doing our best to follow the Lord! This means that we will be matched with a birth mom and will be getting a newborn! We are so excited!!
We are finished with most of our paperwork and will begin creating a profile of our family asap. This will be shown to birth moms along with other profiles so they can choose a family for their child. We have not specified gender or race because God hasn’t led us specifically in these areas. We would be thrilled with a boy or girl and are excited to mix in some color!!!


Domestic adoptions are still extremely expensive. If you go through an agency, the cost is very comparable to some International adoptions. We had a very successful yard sale in June and are having another on Labor Day weekend. We are also traveling to Ohio next weekend to do a fundraising concert at my parents’ church. Hopefully we will have a concert in Smyrna as well! We want to thank all of you who have contributed and prayed. We are blessed to have so much support!!